Hey! I am Sonali. I believe that you are very special and you always deserve to be happy. sonali250x250Together we will explore pillars of happiness – health, wealth, love and passion.

I am a loving wife(who is always right)  a mom of teen girl, who loves to go shopping and enjoys all girly talks with her; and a mom of a tween son, who never gets tired of listening to the cool basketball stories and witness all the awesome basketball moves.

I am a computer engineer by profession, but my passion for health and nutrition made me venture into Food and Nutrition.

I am an aspiring Entrepreneur. I have launched a successful company called ‘Gfoodz’ (www.gfoodz.com).

While I was completing my computer degree with our two kids, my husband and I realized that it is extremely difficult to eat and feed healthy food for working  parents. I studied Nutrition and Dietetics, to learn more and spread the word about eating nutritious and staying healthy. Especially, for busy working parents who want to give the best to their families.

I am very joyful, energetic, balanced and spiritual. Some of my inspirations are Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Peter Sage, Marie Forleo, Vishen Lakiani.

I love exercising, dancing, meditation, taking long walks, hiking, walking on beach, travelling and spending time with my loved ones .

I have two incredible dreams that I am determined to fulfill:

The first is to create a huge difference in this world by contributing in some way towards betterment of this world.

The second is to meet the stunning… Oprah Winfrey!! (who wouldn’t dream of meeting Oprah)….

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