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If You Think You Deserve The Time For Yourself,
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You are trying to do your best at work and at home. This puts so much stress on you that you forget that you deserve a break and enjoy the life.

There are so many resources available on improving productivity and learning new skills. There are tons of apps on exercise, meditation and yoga. Infinite food blogs on how to cook and eat healthy. Many websites and videos preaching on having best relationships.

SonaMotivates will help you explore and unleash your potential. We will provide you with tools and techniques on how to implement and achieve your goals.

We have a step by step plan that will help you stream line your busy schedule and make you more productive and efficient so that you can enjoy the life you deserve.

How It Works?

We use all possible resources like, books, audio books, blogs, videos.
We consolidate the ideas after carefully analyzing each of the sources.

We put them in practice.
We keep experimenting with the ideas.
Once we are sure that the idea is worth implementing , we convert it to technique and prepare a guide for you.

You have to Join us on this fun and intresting journey . We will send the step by step guide weekly.
You just have to follow it and let us know if that works for you.
We are sure it will help you to live your life to fullest.

Lunch Menu and Grocery

We are starting with

Lunch Menu and Grocery

The weekly lunch plan along with grocery list.
Grab the grocery list every week to grocery store.
Stick lunch menu in your kitchen
have no brainy lunches everyday.



Hi! I am Sonali. I am jack of many trades and a master of none, but in these modern times it’s the best approach, than to be a master of one…..
Being an innovative entrepreneur, wife, mom of two teenagers, health fanatic, fitness freak, keen organizer, passionate and spiritual person, I am continuously exploring, implementing, and practicing new techniques to make life easier, happier, and enjoyable.
That’s exactly what my blog reveals. All the tips and tricks for happy organized life, physically and spiritually, which worked for me and I am sure which will help you as well.
Join me on this fun and exciting journey…..

Causes We Care For

We believe True Happiness lies in Giving……


We are involved in a quest to kill hunger all over world.
Imagine seeing little children slowly starving… and mom having nothing to feed them. For countless destitute families, this is a grim reality.
We are involved in Food drives which donates the food to the “Food For The Poor” Organization

Foster Care

We collect clothes,shoes,toys,backpacks and other miscellaneous items for the organization “Friends Of Foster Children”. We spread awareness about this organization who help transform life of foster childrens.

Community Nutritionist

We are involved in designing public health and nutrition programs to maintain health of public or targeted group.

What coming next?

We are working on below topics to get a step by step weekly guide after you join us ….

Organize and Productivity

Learn how to organize everything you can….
We have researched and created techniques for you to be organized and productive.
We have gathered the information from well known productivity teachers like, Paula Rizzo and Marie Kondo.


I am being active and working out for past ten years. I enjoy doing cardio exercises, weight training, HIT routine, Yoga, Zoomba , Kick Boxing and running.
Inspite of my herniated discs I am able to enjoy all these workouts and maintain a healthy body.

Love and Relationship

I am definitely not a relationship expert… but being a wife and a mom of teenagers, I have learnt a lot about preschool, elemntary, middle school and high school issues.
I can share what worked and didnt work for me. Our experts who will guide us here are Gary Chapman, Jessica Lahey, and Amy Sutherland.